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AMEB classical & Leisure Piano Lessons in sydney


Discover top-tier music learning with hehe education

Elevate your skills with our AMEB piano lessons in Sydney, tailored for all levels. Our Bankstown facility offers expert instruction, while our Baulkham Hills home studio provides a cosy learning environment.


Unleash your musical potential with experienced instructors dedicated to your growth. Experience the joy of learning piano with us. Enrol now for personalized lessons that nurture your talent. Explore our two convenient locations across Sydney and embark on a journey of musical excellence with HEHE Education.


AMEB graded PIano lesson

Do you think your child is ready to embark on an advanced piano educational journey?


We offers piano lessons in Sydney for students wishing to take the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) from Preliminary to Grade 8. 


These are for ambitious students who strive to achieve results that reflect efforts and dedication in polishing their piano skills. Our teachers are carefully selected and highly qualified to bring out the best in your child and achieve wonderful results in every grade! 

Leisure piano lessons

Are you looking to learn piano as a hobby or just for fun?

We also offer leisure piano lessons in Sydney which allow you to build the foundational skills to play whatever you want on the piano! This could be anything from pop songs to famous classical pieces.

 With HEHE Education, you could learn to play different songs at your own pace without any pressure. Our teachers are highly skilled to teach anyone from children to adult.


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baulkham hills


what is ameb?

AMEB piano lessons are structured music education programs aligned with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) syllabus. These lessons cater to pianists of all levels, offering comprehensive instruction in technique, musical theory, and repertoire. Through graded examinations, students progress through a structured curriculum, developing proficiency, creativity, and a deep understanding of piano performance.


AMEB piano lessons provide a syllabus tailored to your child's skill level, fostering disciplined practice and musical growth. With internationally recognized certification, they offer tangible milestones for progress and opportunities for future endeavours in music. Invest in your child's musical journey with HEHE Education's piano lessons in Sydney, unlocking their full potential and nurturing a lifelong passion for music.

Hammers and Keys

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